Alphonse Elric (trappedinmetal) wrote in omg_fullmetalrp,
Alphonse Elric

Could it be?

Have I at last found a soul understanding of my own? I remember meeting the scarred man, so long ago. But did I really meet him? I dare not trust my memories to be true. For all I know, I was created only yesterday with a head full of false memories that say I am someone named Alphonse Elric. An empty soul tied to an empty suit of armor. What is there to prove the truth? I have not seen the body of the one called Alphonse Elric. Only in my distant memories do I even recall having a human body.

O, to feel the touch of flesh once more. I yearned for it so.

And now, it has come at last. The outreaching of another that has touched upon the darkened wasteland of my soul. I have met the scarred man once again. And he understand me wholly. Enough so that he dares to touch the cold metal that encases me. But does he comprehend how deeply his actions effect me? That he sparks a light in what was once nothing but darkness? For him, I have written something very special. I slaved over it for hours to ensure it was perfect for him.

I can see upon your face
The scar that touches deep into your very soul
And it is that suffering
Which you bear
Which we share

I lost my body
You lost your family
Together we shall be
Till we suffer no more

O, if only this body were capable of shedding but one tear! Be it of sadness. Be it of joy.

Though, can a hollow being such as me really feel love? Or is this merely another fabrication of the one who made me this way? Afterall, I can not even summon familial love for my brother any longer. Not since he abandoned me yesterday so very long ago. I he so ashamed of my existance that he cannot be seen with me in a public place? Does he not trust me to be at his side? He is the last family I have left and he shuns me!

But, perhaps now that I have found someone who truely understands me, perhaps my soul can heal.
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