Scieszka (emo_shez) wrote in omg_fullmetalrp,

I'm so confused :(

My glasses snapped in two again, so I was forced to leave the safety of my house and buy some masking tape to repair them. Stumbling along blindly to the nearest drugstore, who should I collide with but the girl I secretly love Winry! I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die even more than I usually do! She hit me in the face with her wrench and called me a stupid four-eyed klutz who'll watch where I'm going in the future if I know what's good for me. :( I figured as much, but I still started crying and apologizing for being such a failure... and then a strange thing happened.

Winry started crying too, and then she hugged me and said she was sorry, she was just in a bad mood because Ed was being mean to her and has shown her once and for all that men are heartless bastards and it's me she really loves. Then she took me home and made me new frames for my glasses that are mechanical and can... do some things that I never knew glasses were capable of doing. But I don't want to talk about what we did in detail because it's embarrassing. :(

She left, but she said she'll be back often. I still can't get over the shock of someone not hating me.
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