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omg_fullmetalrp's Journal

OMG! Fullmetal Alchemist RPG
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This is the OMG! Fullmetal Alchemist RPG, where the canon and fanon worlds of FMA collide. Here we are merely following in the footsteps of places like the omg_inuyasha_rp, omg_gundamwing, and the OMG! Naruto RP on Greatestjournal. The following rules have been based on and in some places shamelessly ganked from the first two RPs mentioned.


1. No flame wars. That refers to IC and OOC. If you have an issue with someone, please settle it outside the community.

2. If you go a month without posting, your role is up for grabs. Exceptions to this occur if your character is minor to the point that their involvement is not necessary. If you are not going to be able to RP for a while and don't wish to give up your role, you may temporarily pass it on to someone else. Just be sure to make an entry in omgfullmetalooc to let the rest of the community know you're going to be doing this. Your entry should include the information of who you're going to be passing the role to, and for how long.

3. To players of canon characters - Until further notice, keep away from romantic relationships outside of the canon ones. (By "canon" I mean explicitly, not hinted at. Hughes/Gracia and Izumi/Sieg are canon; Ed/Winry and Roy/Riza are not.) This is because the issue of what "could work" realistically between different canon characters is touchy in the FMA fandom and for now, I want to avoid bringing up that kind of conflict. (But the fanon characters, of course, can have whatever kind of relations they want with each other. ^^)

4. All ratings are accepted, but please think in moderation. Every post does not need to be smutty, even in the fanon section.

5. In character posts must be made to the community directly. If you wish to discuss plot or anything else, please post at omgfullmetalooc.

6. Keep your agenda to yourself. This is supposed to be fun, not a campaign to stop all fanon stereotypes.

For example, this is okay:
Canon!Roy: "I can't believe my clone's trying to... *shudder*... sleep with Fullmetal!"

This is overdoing it:
Canon!Roy: "I can't believe my clone's trying to... *shudder*... sleep with Fullmetal! The real me would never do something like that! Fullmetal's a minor and my subordinate; it's disgusting and wrong! Besides, I like women."

If your character is in a situation where you think something along the lines of the second example is really appropriate for them to say, you can use it, but don't do it at every opportunity on a regular basis.

7. The RP is based on the anime at some unspecified time in the later half of the storyline, but it will not be following the real plot of the anime from there. Any and all characters that appear in the series' current timeline (so no Trisha, Scar's brother, etc.) are welcome to join, even if they're supposed to have died. It's just up to you to decide how to fit them back in. ^_^ Also, although anime canon is the basis for this RP, manga details that don't conflict too much with the anime can be referenced, and manga-only characters (e.g. Ling, Lan Fan, Mei) can join.

On that note, you can expect abundant spoilers for the real identity of basically everyone, as well as plot spoilers being dropped occasionally. The only spoilers that shouldn't be brought up are ones about the anime's ending. They're not necessary and, since this RP takes place mid-series, it won't make sense for the characters to know them anyway.

8. Have fun!

The Plot:

Things are going as usual in Central and the surrounding areas. The Elric brothers are researching the Philosopher's Stone, Colonel Mustang is planning their next mission while procrastinating on his paperwork, the Homunculi are lurking somewhere in the city. Then suddenly, they notice a whole host of new faces begin to appear on the scene... faces that look uncannily -- no, exactly -- like themselves. But that's where the similarities end.

The fanon versions of the Fullmetal Alchemist cast have appeared, with full belief that they're the real characters. Chaos ensues as the canon characters have to continue their adventures with the fanon characters attempting to travel with them/and or even usurp them.

Ready to apply?